Becoming Networked Nonprofits: What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know to Succeed in the Age of Connectedness

Beth Kanter, author, Beth's Blog, and co-author of The Networked Nonprofit

Networked Nonprofits and the people who lead them are taking advantage of social media’s ability to facilitate and expand their impact by combining an organizational strategy with their professional online personas to connect, build relationships, and establish trust and thought leadership. This way of operating goes beyond simply using tools like Facebook or Twitter and requires a networked mindset where openness and authenticity are essential. This session will explore how nonprofit leaders can improve their organization’s social media practice and embrace the best practices of a “networked nonprofit professional,” avoiding some of the pitfalls and challenges.

Learning Objectives
  • To introduce and discuss leading with a network mindset and how to apply to nonprofits
  • To self-assess organizations current level of maturity of network and social media practice and identify areas for improvement
  • To understand different techniques for mindful social media vs mind full social media

1. Introduction
2. What does it mean to lead with a network mindset?
3. Social Media Maturity of Practice Model: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly
4. A closer look at one indicator: Measurement and Learning
5. Mindful Social Media


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