What are some best practices in setting up a nonprofit Facebook Fan Page?

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How do you keep up with the constantly changing social media landscape? Seems like as soon as you feel that you understand a tool (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), something else comes out (Four Square). I know I need to use the tools that help us best engage folks and meet our goals, but it seems like those tools can be a moving target.

I don't worry about keeping up with the latest tools, I kept focus on how they might be useful. To keep informed, I read a few blogs that focus on keeping up with the technology and follow several social media trusted experts on Twitter so I don't have to do all the leg work.

Can you address the opposite of Tessie, the director who hears about sites and wants to be on all, without first assessing or prioritizing how they help you reach targets?

I have addressed the opposite of Tessie in my Nonprofit ROI workshops and seminars.

How can I obtain performance reports out of facebook?
The insights tool. Read more about it in this post on SpreadSheet aerobics.

What is the difference between setting up an organization as an individual or business?
Here's a post I wrote about this issue as related to Twitter

How much time should a mid-sized nonprofit reasonably expect to devote to social media (per week)?
See this post: How much time does it take to do social media?

Do you have some good examples of networked nonprofits?
Here's a case study of the Red Cross. Here's a case study of Surfrider Foundation.