Social Media Policy and Work Flow

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What is in a social media policy for a nonprofit?

Your policy should have two sections:

(1) Guidelines: This section should be one or pages that summarizes how your organization can be more effective at using social media. It should not be about control, but more on how to use the tools effectively. It should lay out parameters around organizational and personal use.

(2) Manual: This section refers to your social media plan, includes best practices on using social media with specific examples. Many organizations use it as part of their training.

What is the process for creating the policy?

If your organization is still grappling with fears and concerns, you may need to have a couple of meetings to discuss these issues. Here are some tips.

You need to determine the following. If your nonprofit is a large organization with many staff, you'll want to consult with HR, Legal, IT, and other key departments. You may need a couple of meetings to discuss and review the following:
  • Do you need a social media policy?
  • Who should be involved writing the policy?
  • Who will vet the policy?
  • Don't reinvent the wheel, borrow from other policies (a good starter tool: Social Media Policy Tool) and you can also review a couple of examples of Social Media Policies developed by nonprofits.

See more advice here

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Download this handbook to help you think through the policy

Strike the Right Tone:
  • Clarity
  • Avoid legalese
  • Use bullet points
  • Light, Casual Tone
  • Avoid punitive language
  • Practical
  • Keep it short and easy to implement

Here is an example about to organize your guidelines:

Preamble: What the policy covers
Section 1: How your organization uses social media
Section 2: Link social media to your values and culture
Section 3: The Policy
Section 4: Consequences & discipline
Who to contact with questions and concerns

List of Policy Points as Tweets

Social Media Workflow
Does Your Nonprofit Have A Social Media Workflow?

Training, Education and Enforcing
How will you roll it out?
What kind of training is needed?

Annual Updates
Why Your Social Media Policy Needs An Annual Update
Ten Tips for Writing Your Social Media Policy

Best Examples

Mayo Clinic:
DHS Wisconsin:
Children’s Hospital L.A. encourages patients and families to tell their stories on the hospital website. The way they work within HIPPA rules is by employing a 3-step process where the person submitting the story must:

Social Engagement Handbook 2.0

Ford Social Media Guidelines

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Policies for Facebook - More for User Guidelines

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There is also a need for online community participation guidelines for Facebook. These can be a brief and simple reminder about civility and respect and deleting in appropriate comments.

Advice dealing with negative comments: